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Regionteater Väst is a unique institution for the performing arts and a unique workplace. We produce dance and theatre for children and young people. Over the years, we have collaborated with contemporary choreographers such as Helena Franzén, Martin Forsberg and Örjan Andersson. New performances and initiatives, that both challenge and develop the dancers, and that provide the audience with a high-quality performances.

The understanding and experience that comes from 20 years of working with performances for children and young people, makes our business unique. This is apparent not only in the performances and the close contact with our young audience, but also in the process the performances engender – work with reference groups, test audiences, conversations and finding different ways to work with the perspectives of children and young people in mind. Workshops and conversations with children and young people are part of the dancers' work. We also stage co-productions with our theatre company where dancers and actors perform together on stage. The dancers undergo continuous training and workshops, including with drama teachers, and are visited by prominent national and international educators in the field of dance.

Through its work, Regionteater Väst is part of the ongoing development of modern dance. It plays an important role in working with and for children and young people.

Our artistic director of dance is Monika Milocco.

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